Service manual Comen Defibrillation Monitor S8

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Introducing the NEW Comen S8 Defibrillator / Monitor with a choice of parameters and features to suit your own budget.

Designed for use in both the pre-hospital and hospital setting the Comen S8 is an outstanding value for money defibrillator/monitor. We have full confidence that this defibrillator will meet your needs and expectations.

The monitor is designed with an easy-to-read 8.4-inch screen
The energy selection knob provides the user with a choice of  25 types of energy selections from 1 ~ 360 J;
Excellent battery performance, which supports 420 x 360 J shock deliveries with both batteries installed
The Comen S8 offers a greater range of impedance range (15~250Ω) enabling the best performance on a variety of patients
Designed with high-capacity data storage and voice recording helps users to be able to review the whole rescue process for training and medico storage.

Ideal for use in the ambulance as well as event work yet also ideal for the health centre that has a need for 12-lead ECG recording or simply wants to offer its patients enhanced care.

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