Parts manual Caterpillar 336D L Excavator (W3K1-Up, THX16780-Up)

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The Caterpillar 336D L is a hydraulic excavator manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., known for its reliability, performance, and versatility. Here’s some information about the Caterpillar 336D L excavator:

The Caterpillar 336D L is equipped with a powerful Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine. This engine provides high horsepower and fuel efficiency, allowing the excavator to perform heavy-duty tasks efficiently.

Operating Weight:
The operating weight of the 336D L can vary based on the specific configuration and optional attachments. Generally, it ranges from approximately 35 to 40 tons, depending on the specific model and features.

Bucket Capacity:
The bucket capacity of the 336D L excavator typically falls within the range of 1.5 to 2.5 cubic meters (2.0 to 3.3 cubic yards). The bucket capacity may vary depending on the specific bucket size and configuration selected for the machine.

Reach and Digging Depth:
The maximum reach and digging depth of the Caterpillar 336D L excavator can vary, but they are typically around 11 to 12 meters (36 to 39 feet) for reach and 7 to 8 meters (23 to 26 feet) for digging depth. These measurements may vary depending on the specific model and boom configuration.

Hydraulic System:
The 336D L features advanced hydraulic systems that deliver precise control, smooth operation, and high productivity. The hydraulic system is designed to handle various applications and attachments, providing versatility and performance on construction and excavation sites.

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