Service manual 2014 Harley-Davidson V-Rod models, V-Rod Muscle, Night Rod Special

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In 2014, Harley-Davidson offered two V-Rod models: the V-Rod Muscle and the Night Rod Special. Both motorcycles were part of the V-Rod family, which featured a liquid-cooled Revolution engine and a sleek, modern design.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle: The V-Rod Muscle was a power cruiser with a muscular and aggressive appearance. It featured a long, low-slung profile and a wide rear tire, giving it a distinctive look. The V-Rod Muscle was powered by a 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine, delivering strong performance and torque. It had a drag-style handlebar, forward-mounted foot controls, and a deep, sculpted seat for a comfortable riding position.

Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special: The Night Rod Special had a more sinister and dark aesthetic compared to the V-Rod Muscle. It featured blacked-out components and a streamlined design. Like the V-Rod Muscle, it was equipped with a 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine for impressive power and acceleration. The Night Rod Special had a slightly more aggressive riding position with mid-mounted foot controls and a mini-ape handlebar.

Both V-Rod models featured keyless ignition, a slipper clutch, ABS brakes, and a high-performance suspension system. They also had LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, and a unique exhaust system that contributed to their distinctive sound.

It’s important to note that Harley-Davidson discontinued the V-Rod lineup after the 2017 model year, so there have been no new V-Rod models introduced since then.

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