Service manual 2018 Harley-Davidson Trike Models, Tri Glide Ultra, Freewheeler, Trike Street Glide

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In 2018, Harley-Davidson offered several Trike models in their lineup. Trikes are three-wheeled motorcycles that provide additional stability and comfort for riders, making them a popular choice for those who may have difficulty balancing on a traditional two-wheeled motorcycle. Here are some of the Harley-Davidson Trike models available in 2018:

Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra: The Tri Glide Ultra is one of Harley-Davidson’s flagship trike models. It features a Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin engine, a comfortable touring seat, advanced infotainment system, and ample storage space. This model is designed for long-distance cruising.

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler: The Freewheeler is another popular trike option. It’s equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin engine and offers a more stripped-down, classic look compared to the Tri Glide Ultra. It’s an ideal choice for riders who prefer a more minimalist style.

Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic: This is a variation of the Tri Glide Ultra, featuring classic Harley-Davidson styling cues. It’s known for its comfortable touring features and classic aesthetics.

Harley-Davidson Trike Street Glide: The Trike Street Glide is essentially a trike version of the Harley-Davidson Street Glide, a popular touring model. It combines the style and performance of the Street Glide with the stability of a trike.

Harley-Davidson Trike Tri Glide Ultra Anniversary Edition: In 2018, Harley-Davidson celebrated its 115th-anniversary, and they released special anniversary editions of some of their models, including the Tri Glide Ultra. These editions typically featured unique paint schemes and other commemorative touches.

Service manual 2018 Harley-Davidson Trike Models (Preview)

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