Service manual 2019 Harley-Davidson FLTRXSE Models (Supplement) CVO, Road Glide

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The 2019 Harley-Davidson FLTRXSE models, known as the CVO™ Road Glide models, are a part of Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) lineup. CVO motorcycles are premium, limited-production models that offer a combination of high-end performance, custom styling, and advanced features. In the case of the 2019 FLTRXSE models, they are based on the popular Road Glide platform. Below are some key features and information about these models:

Design and Styling:

The FLTRXSE models feature distinctive styling, often with unique paint schemes and graphics that set them apart from standard Harley-Davidson models.
These motorcycles are known for their attention to detail and premium finishes, including custom paint, chrome accents, and special badges.


The 2019 FLTRXSE models are typically powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine. This engine is known for its high performance and torque, offering a powerful and smooth riding experience.


These models often come with advanced suspension components, which may include premium front and rear suspension for improved ride comfort and handling.


The CVO Road Glide models are equipped with Harley-Davidson’s advanced infotainment system, which includes a touchscreen display, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and premium audio features.

Wheels and Brakes:

The FLTRXSE models typically feature high-quality wheels, often with custom designs, and advanced braking systems for improved stopping power.

Comfort and Convenience:

These motorcycles often come with features designed to enhance rider and passenger comfort, including a comfortable seat, ergonomic controls, and advanced lighting systems.

Limited Production:

CVO models are produced in limited quantities, making them somewhat exclusive within the Harley-Davidson lineup.


Owners of CVO models often have access to additional customization options and unique accessories to further personalize their motorcycles.
It’s important to note that specific features and paint schemes can vary between individual CVO Road Glide models within the 2019 FLTRXSE lineup. These motorcycles are known for their premium build quality and high-performance characteristics, making them sought-after by riders looking for a top-tier Harley-Davidson experience.

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