Service manual 2022 Softail Harley-Davidson

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The Harley-Davidson Softail is a family of cruiser motorcycles produced by Harley-Davidson. Softail models are known for their classic styling, low-slung stance, and unique rear suspension design that gives them the appearance of a hardtail (rigid) frame, while still providing the comfort of a rear suspension.

Here are some examples of popular Harley-Davidson Softail models:

Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe: A classic cruiser with a retro look, featuring a wide front end, whitewall tires, and a powerful V-twin engine.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy: One of Harley-Davidson’s most iconic motorcycles, the Fat Boy has a distinctive look with a large front wheel, fat rear tire, and a powerful V-twin engine.

Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic: A touring-oriented Softail with classic styling, featuring a large fairing, saddlebags, and a comfortable riding position for long-distance rides.

Harley-Davidson Softail Slim: A stripped-down Softail with a classic bobber look, featuring a narrow front end, solo seat, and a powerful V-twin engine.

Harley-Davidson Breakout: A high-performance Softail with a drag-inspired design, featuring a wide rear tire, low-slung stance, and a powerful V-twin engine.

Note that these are just a few examples of Harley-Davidson Softail models, and the company produces many other models and variations. If you’re interested in purchasing a Harley-Davidson Softail, you can visit their official website or contact a Harley-Davidson dealer near you for more information.

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