Service manual 35V4 IHI Mini Excavator

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Format: PDF
Pages: 280
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The 35V4 IHI Mini Excavator is a compact, versatile machine that is perfect for tight spaces. It has an operating weight of 4,350 lbs and a maximum digging depth of 8’6″. The excavator features an adjustable boom, allowing the operator to adjust the reach of the machine to fit their needs. It also comes with an adjustable arm that can be used for digging trenches or other narrow areas. The excavator has a powerful Yanmar 3TNV88-. This model is the only one in its class with sliding tracks (1550-1800mm), which gives it excellent stability and performance at the level of competitors’ 5t excavators. Please refer to the IHI 35V4 service manual if any breakdowns occur.

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