Service manual 43LM5700PTC, 43LM5760PTC (CHASSIS : LB94M)

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Discover a new level of entertainment with LG’s 43-Inch Full HD Smart TV, available at

More Apps To Love. Get instant access to a wide range of entertainment apps with LG’s WebOS. Stream Netflix, Spotify, and more with your onscreen guide.

Powerful Picture Processor. LG’s Quad Core Processor reproduces pictures in full clarity and detail, by sharpening pixels and reducing noise.

Natural Colors On Screen. Experience the beauty of nature’s true colors with the dynamic color enhancer. It reveals a wide spectrum of colors for livelier images.

Upscaled Details. Active HDR optimizes each scene and enhances details in the brightest and darkest areas.

Cinematic Sound. Watch thrilling movies and shows with theatre-quality sound from Dolby Audio.

Sleek, Minimalist Look. The slim bezel design allows for an immersive viewing experience.

  1. Alex

    One day when I turned on my LG 43LM5700PTC television, I found that the screen began to look unusual. Vertical stripes of different widths and colors appeared on the screen. I tried changing the signal source and checking the HDMI connection, but that did not solve the problem.

    I tried rebooting the TV, but the bars on the screen were still there. I checked the TV settings and made sure they were correct. I even tried connecting another device to the TV to see if it wasn’t the problem, but the streaks were still on the screen.

    Has anyone had similar problems, what can be done? Can the 43LM5700PTC service manual help me find a solution?

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