Service manual Acer Nitro XZ323QU M 31.5”

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The Acer Nitro XZ323QU is a gaming monitor manufactured by Acer. Here are some key features and specifications of the Acer Nitro XZ323QU:

Display: It features a 31.5-inch VA (Vertical Alignment) panel with a curved design. The screen has a WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, which provides a sharp and detailed image.

Refresh Rate: The monitor has a refresh rate of 165Hz, allowing for smooth gameplay and reducing motion blur.

Response Time: The Acer Nitro XZ323QU has a fast 1ms response time, which helps minimize ghosting and motion artifacts.

Adaptive Sync: It supports AMD FreeSync technology, which helps to synchronize the monitor’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s output, reducing screen tearing and stuttering.

HDR Support: The monitor is HDR-ready, meaning it can display high dynamic range content, offering a wider range of colors and improved contrast.

Connectivity: It offers multiple connectivity options, including DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 ports, allowing you to connect various devices such as gaming consoles, PCs, or laptops.

Ergonomics: The Nitro XZ323QU provides ergonomic adjustments such as tilt and height adjustment, allowing you to find a comfortable viewing position.

Other Features: The monitor includes features like Flicker-less technology to reduce eye strain and Acer VisionCare technology for improved visual comfort during long gaming sessions.

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