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Allison Transmission is a renowned manufacturer of commercial-duty automatic transmissions used in various applications, including vocational trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, and other heavy-duty vehicles. The 4th Generation Controls represent a series of advanced electronic control systems used in Allison’s vocational models, ensuring precise and efficient transmission operation. Below are some key vocational models that incorporate the 4th Generation Controls:

1. Allison 4000 EVS (Electric Vehicle Series):
An electric hybrid transmission designed for buses and other commercial vehicles.
Optimized for electric propulsion and regenerative braking to enhance efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

2. Allison 4500 EVS (Electric Vehicle Series):
Similar to the 4000 EVS, this transmission is also tailored for electric hybrid applications with advanced control features.

3. Allison 4700 EVS (Electric Vehicle Series):
Another member of the EVS series, designed for electric hybrid and electric drive systems.

4. Allison 4800 EVS (Electric Vehicle Series):
The highest torque capacity transmission in the EVS series, offering robust performance for electric vehicles.

5. Allison B 500:
A heavy-duty transmission used in motorcoaches and other large buses.

6. Allison 4000 HS (Highway Series):
A robust transmission commonly used in highway and vocational applications.

7. Allison 4500 HS (Highway Series):
A high-performance transmission designed for various vocational and on-highway vehicles.

8. Allison 4700 RDS (Rugged Duty Series):
An off-road and rugged-duty transmission for severe-duty vocational applications.

9. Allison 4800 SP (Specialty Series):
A specialized transmission optimized for unique vocational and heavy-duty applications.

10. Allison T 425:
A torque converter transmission with a wide range of applications, including distribution trucks and city buses.

11. Allison 4500 RDS (Rugged Duty Series):
A robust and durable transmission designed for severe-duty vocational and construction applications.

12. Allison 4700 SP (Specialty Series):
A versatile transmission optimized for various vocational and specialty vehicle applications.

13. Allison 4500 SP (Specialty Series):
A specialized transmission designed for vocational and off-road applications.

14. Allison 525:
A heavy-duty transmission optimized for rugged vocational and specialty vehicles.

15. Allison 4000 SP (Specialty Series):
A specialized transmission used in vocational and specialty applications.

16. Allison 4000 TRV (Torque Converter Retarder Version):
A version of the 4000 series transmission equipped with a torque converter retarder for improved braking performance and reduced wear on service brakes.

Allison’s 4th Generation Controls offer advanced electronic management and optimization of the transmission’s performance, ensuring smooth shifting, efficient power delivery, and increased overall vehicle productivity. The various vocational models equipped with these controls provide a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of commercial and vocational vehicle operators.

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