Service manual Bobcat 320, 322, 320G, 322G Mini Excavator

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The Bobcat 320 and 322 are mini excavators manufactured by Bobcat Company, a leading manufacturer of compact construction equipment. These mini excavators are designed for versatility and performance in tight spaces and are commonly used for digging, trenching, and landscaping tasks. Here are some general features and specifications commonly associated with the Bobcat 320 and 322 mini excavators:

Compact Size: The 320 and 322 mini excavators have a compact size, making them ideal for maneuvering in confined areas and small job sites. Their compact design allows for easy transportation and operation in tight spaces.

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the Bobcat 320 mini excavator ranges from approximately 1,105 kilograms (2,435 pounds) to 1,224 kilograms (2,698 pounds), while the 322 model ranges from about 1,305 kilograms (2,877 pounds) to 1,399 kilograms (3,084 pounds). The specific weight may vary depending on the configuration and optional attachments.

Digging Depth and Reach: The digging depth of the mini excavators typically ranges from around 1.94 meters (6.4 feet) to 2.69 meters (8.8 feet), and the digging reach is usually between 3.34 meters (11 feet) and 3.77 meters (12.4 feet). These specifications enable efficient excavation and trenching operations.

Bucket Capacity: The mini excavators are equipped with buckets for material handling and excavation. The bucket capacity varies, but it is typically around 0.06 to 0.09 cubic meters (2.1 to 3.2 cubic feet), allowing for efficient scooping and loading of materials.

Arm Configurations: The 320 and 322 models may come with different arm configurations to suit various digging and lifting requirements. This allows for flexibility in different applications, such as digging trenches or working in tight spaces.

Hydraulic System: The mini excavators utilize a hydraulic system to power their movements and attachments. The hydraulic system ensures smooth and precise control over the boom, arm, and bucket movements for efficient operation.

Operator Comfort: The mini excavators are designed with operator comfort in mind. The operator’s station typically features a comfortable seat, easy-to-reach controls, and excellent visibility, enhancing productivity and reducing operator fatigue during long work hours.

Optional Attachments: The 320 and 322 mini excavators may support a range of optional attachments, such as hydraulic breakers, augers, and specialized buckets, to enhance their versatility and adaptability to different job requirements.

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