Service manual Bobcat S750 (AT5211001) Skid-Steer Loader

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The Bobcat S750 (AT5211001) is a skid-steer loader manufactured by Bobcat Company, a leading manufacturer of compact equipment. Skid-steer loaders are versatile machines commonly used in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and other industries for various tasks such as digging, lifting, pushing, and moving materials.

Here are some key features and specifications of the Bobcat S750 skid-steer loader:

Operating Capacity: The S750 has a rated operating capacity of 3,200 pounds (1,451 kilograms). This refers to the maximum weight the loader can safely lift and carry at ground level.

Engine: It is powered by a diesel engine that provides reliable performance. The exact specifications of the engine may vary depending on the year of manufacture, as Bobcat regularly updates its models.

Lift Height: The S750 has a vertical lift path design, allowing it to reach a maximum lift height of approximately 11 feet (3.35 meters). This makes it suitable for loading materials onto trucks or stacking them at heights.

Controls: The S750 features the Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS), which enhances operator safety and convenience. The BICS requires the operator to be seated and the seat belt fastened before allowing the engine to start.

Attachments: Like other skid-steer loaders, the Bobcat S750 is designed to be compatible with various attachments to perform different tasks. These attachments include buckets, forks, grapples, augers, trenchers, and more. The specific attachments available for the S750 may vary depending on the manufacturer and dealer offerings.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the S750 can vary slightly depending on the configuration, but as a general guideline, it has an approximate length of 136.8 inches (3,473 mm), width of 72.1 inches (1,833 mm), and height of 81.3 inches (2,065 mm) with the operator cab.

Weight: The machine’s weight without any attachments typically ranges from around 8,730 to 9,150 pounds (3,959 to 4,153 kilograms), again depending on the specific configuration and optional features.

It’s worth noting that specifications may change slightly between different production years and optional features.

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