Service manual Bobcat T190 Compact Track Loader (531660001, 531760001)

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The Bobcat T190 Compact Track Loader is a piece of heavy machinery used primarily in construction, landscaping, and agricultural applications.

Key features and specifications of the Bobcat T190 may include:

Operating Capacity: The T190 typically has a rated operating capacity of around 1,900 to 2,100 pounds (862 to 953 kilograms). This means it can lift and carry loads within that weight range.

Engine: It is equipped with a diesel engine for power and efficiency. The engine may have a horsepower rating of approximately 66 to 68 HP.

Hydraulic System: The loader is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system to operate the various attachments available for the machine.

Tracks: The T190 is a compact track loader, which means it rides on rubber tracks rather than wheels. This design provides increased traction and reduced ground disturbance, making it suitable for working in rough terrains and delicate surfaces.

Attachment Compatibility: The Bobcat T190 can be equipped with various attachments, such as buckets, forks, grapples, augers, and more, to perform different tasks, making it a versatile machine.

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the T190 can be around 7,775 to 7,965 pounds (3,527 to 3,616 kilograms), depending on the specific configuration and optional features.

Operator Cab: The T190 typically comes with an enclosed cab with heating and air conditioning for operator comfort and safety.

Controls: It may have selectable joystick controls, allowing the operator to choose between ISO and H-pattern controls based on their preference.

Lift Height and Reach: The T190 has a considerable lift height and reach, allowing it to load materials into trucks and containers with ease.

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