Service manual Case 580T, 580ST, 590ST, 695ST Backhoe Loader

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Case Construction Equipment offers a range of backhoe loaders designed for versatility and productivity in construction, landscaping, and other applications. The models you mentioned—Case 580T, 580ST, 590ST, and 695ST—are part of Case’s backhoe loader lineup. Each model may have specific features and specifications, and they are often used in different regions and for various tasks. Below, I provide a general overview of these models:

1. Case 580T Backhoe Loader:

The Case 580T is known for its versatility and performance.
It typically features a loader bucket on the front and a backhoe attachment on the rear.
Engine options and other specifications can vary based on the specific model and market.
The 580T is designed for digging, loading, trenching, and other construction-related tasks.

2. Case 580ST Backhoe Loader:

The Case 580ST is designed to provide improved fuel efficiency and productivity compared to previous models.
It often features advanced hydraulics for precise control and increased digging and lifting capacities.
Comfortable operator cabs and advanced technology are common features in this model.

3. Case 590ST Backhoe Loader:

The Case 590ST is a larger and more powerful backhoe loader designed for heavy-duty applications.
It often features a more extensive digging depth and increased loader capacity compared to the 580 series.
The 590ST is suitable for large-scale construction and excavation tasks.

4. Case 695ST Backhoe Loader:

The Case 695ST is a high-capacity backhoe loader designed for demanding construction projects.
It offers increased digging depths and higher lift capacities, making it suitable for larger and more challenging tasks.
Advanced technology, comfortable cabs, and productivity-enhancing features are often included.
Key Features:

Common features across these models may include advanced hydraulics, comfortable operator cabs, adjustable controls, and advanced technology for improved efficiency and ease of operation.
They may also offer various attachments and options to adapt to specific job requirements, such as different-sized buckets, hammers, augers, and more.

Specific specifications for each model, including engine power, digging depths, lift capacities, and dimensions, can vary depending on the configuration and regional adaptations.

Service manual Case 580T, 580ST, 590ST, 695ST Backhoe Loader (Preview)

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