Service manual CASE IH JX95, JX90, JX80, JX70, JX60 Tractors

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The CASE IH JX series tractors, including the JX95, JX90, JX80, JX70, and JX60, are part of Case IH’s lineup of utility tractors designed for a variety of agricultural tasks. Here’s an overview of these models:

CASE IH JX95: The JX95 is a mid-sized tractor known for its versatility and performance. It is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine, typically with a power output of around 95 horsepower. It features a synchronized transmission with multiple gears, providing flexibility for different applications. The JX95 is commonly used for field operations, livestock management, and general farm tasks.

CASE IH JX90: The JX90 is another utility tractor offered by CASE IH. It is similar to the JX95 but typically has a slightly lower horsepower rating, usually around 88 horsepower. The JX90 shares many features and capabilities with the JX95, making it suitable for similar farming operations.

CASE IH JX80: The JX80 is a compact utility tractor with a lower horsepower rating, usually around 80 horsepower. It is designed for small to medium-sized farms and offers a balance of power, maneuverability, and efficiency. The JX80 is commonly used for tasks like mowing, tilling, and light loader work.

CASE IH JX70: The JX70 is a smaller model within the JX series, typically featuring around 70 horsepower. It is compact and agile, making it suitable for small farms, orchards, and vineyards. The JX70 is often used for tasks like spraying, fertilizing, and general maintenance.

CASE IH JX60: The JX60 is the smallest tractor in the JX series, usually offering around 60 horsepower. It is designed for light-duty applications and is well-suited for small-scale farming, gardening, and landscaping tasks. The JX60 offers ease of use, maneuverability, and efficiency in a compact package.

Please note that specific features, specifications, and availability may vary depending on the model year and the region in which these tractors are sold.

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