Service manual GE Vivid i and Vivid q Ultrasound Machine

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The GE Vivid i and Vivid q are both portable ultrasound machines manufactured by General Electric (GE) Healthcare. These systems are designed for cardiovascular imaging and are commonly used in various clinical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and mobile units.

GE Vivid i: The Vivid i is a compact and lightweight ultrasound system that offers high-quality cardiovascular imaging capabilities. It features advanced imaging technologies and a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for point-of-care applications. The Vivid i is equipped with various imaging modes, including 2D imaging, color Doppler, pulse wave Doppler, and tissue Doppler imaging. It also offers advanced features such as speckle tracking and automated quantification tools for cardiac measurements. The system is portable and can be easily moved between different locations.

GE Vivid q: The Vivid q is a portable cardiovascular ultrasound system that provides advanced imaging and analysis tools. It offers a wide range of imaging capabilities, including 2D imaging, color Doppler, pulse wave Doppler, tissue Doppler imaging, and 3D/4D imaging. The Vivid q is known for its excellent image quality and advanced features, such as automated quantification, strain imaging, and real-time 4D imaging. It is designed to support a comprehensive range of cardiovascular applications and can be used for both routine and advanced cardiac studies.

Both the Vivid i and Vivid q systems are designed to provide efficient and accurate cardiovascular imaging. They offer features such as automated measurements, data management capabilities, and connectivity options for seamless integration with electronic medical records (EMR) systems. These ultrasound machines are popular choices for cardiac imaging due to their portability, ease of use, and advanced imaging technologies.

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