Service manual Heraeus Cryofuge 5500i (Sorvall RC-4)

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The Cryofuge 5500i is a refrigerated centrifuge commonly used in blood banking and clinical laboratories for the processing and separation of blood components. It is designed to maintain a controlled temperature during centrifugation, typically for the preservation of blood products.

Here are some features commonly found in refrigerated centrifuges like the Cryofuge 5500i:

Temperature Control: The centrifuge has a built-in refrigeration system to maintain a specific temperature range during operation. This is crucial for preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive samples such as blood components.

High-Speed Performance: The Cryofuge 5500i is likely capable of high-speed centrifugation to achieve rapid separation of blood components. The exact speed and capacity would depend on the specific model and specifications.

Rotor Options: The centrifuge is compatible with various rotor options to accommodate different tube sizes and volumes commonly used in blood banking. These rotors allow for efficient separation and collection of specific blood components, such as red blood cells, platelets, and plasma.

Safety Features: The centrifuge is equipped with safety measures to prevent accidents or damage. This may include features like imbalance detection, lid-locking mechanisms, and automatic shutoff in case of abnormal conditions.

User Interface: The Cryofuge 5500i likely has a user-friendly interface with a control panel or digital display for setting parameters such as speed, temperature, and time. It may also provide programmable options for specific protocols or applications.

Please note that the specific features and specifications of the Cryofuge 5500i may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

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