Service manual Hitachi Sumitomo SCX800E crane

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The Hitachi Sumitomo SCX800E is a crawler crane manufactured by Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd. It is designed for heavy lifting and construction applications. Here are some key features and specifications of the SCX800E crane:

Lifting Capacity: The SCX800E has a maximum lifting capacity of 80 metric tons (88 US tons). It is capable of handling heavy loads in various construction and industrial projects.

Boom Length: The crane is equipped with a main boom that can extend up to 54 meters (177 feet). The boom can be extended in multiple sections to reach greater heights.

Maximum Reach: With the main boom and optional jib extensions, the SCX800E can achieve a maximum working radius of up to 49 meters (161 feet). This enables it to cover a wide area without having to relocate the crane frequently.

Power and Mobility: The SCX800E is a crawler crane, which means it is mounted on a set of tracks for enhanced stability and mobility on rough terrains. It is powered by a diesel engine that provides the necessary power for lifting and movement.

Operator Comfort and Safety: The cabin of the crane is designed to provide a comfortable working environment for the operator. It is equipped with modern controls and ergonomic features for improved productivity and safety.

Control Systems: The SCX800E crane incorporates advanced control systems to ensure precise and smooth operation. It may feature computerized load moment indicators, automatic boom angle control, and other safety systems to prevent overloading and maintain stability during lifting operations.

Transportability: The crane is designed for easy transportation between job sites. It can be disassembled into smaller components for transport and reassembled at the destination.

It’s worth noting that the specifications and features may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the Hitachi Sumitomo SCX800E crane.

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