Service manual Case NEF F4HE9484C (NEF Tier 3) Engine | 47597684

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F4CE9484 / F4CE9487A / F4CE9487N / F4CE9684 / F4DE9484 / F4DE9684B*J111 / F4DE9684M*J101 / F4DE9684M*J103 / F4DE9684 / F4DE9687 / F4GE9484C*J601 / F4GE9484 / F4GE9684 / F4HE0484G*J102 / F4HE0484G*J109 / F4HE9484C*J102 / F4HE9484C*J103 / F4HE9484 / F4HE9684 / F4HE9687G*J100 / F4HE9687

NEF Tier 3

The IVECO NEF F4HE9484C J103 is a type of electronic diesel engine produced by IVECO, an Italian industrial vehicle manufacturing company.

The engine model code “F4HE9484C” indicates that it is a 4-stroke, turbocharged, and after-cooled diesel engine with a displacement of 8.7 liters. It also features electronic engine management and meets the Euro 6 emission standards.

The “J103” part of the code refers to the specific engine calibration and configuration. It may include details such as the maximum power output, torque, fuel injection timing, and other parameters that affect engine performance.

Overall, the IVECO NEF F4HE9484C J103 engine is designed to provide reliable and efficient power for a variety of heavy-duty applications, such as trucks, buses, and construction equipment.

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