Service manual JCB 531-70, 535-95, 536-60, 536-70, 536-70LP, 541-70, 550-80, 560-80

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Format: PDF
Type: Service Manual
Pages: 3630
Size: 462,6 Mb
No.: EN – 9823/0550 – ISSUE 1 – 03/2018

JCB 531-70, 535-95, 536-60, 536-70, 536-70LP, 541-70, 550-80, 560-80 (Preview) Loadall Rough Terrain Variable Reach Truck
Serial No. from 2569936

Serial No. from 2569936; from 2724382

Hey there, fellow gearheads! Welcome to our online store, where we’ve got something special for all you heavy machinery aficionados – the JCB Service Manual covering a range of models: 531-70, 535-95, 536-60, 536-70, 536-70LP, 541-70, 550-80, and 560-80. Buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of JCB excellence!

First up, let’s talk about the JCB 531-70. This compact telehandler is a true workhorse, perfect for construction sites where space is tight. With its impressive reach and lift capacity, it’s the go-to machine for handling materials with ease. Next, we have the 535-95, a versatile telescopic handler known for its reliability and performance. Whether it’s loading, unloading, or lifting materials to heights, this machine gets the job done efficiently. Now, moving on to the 536-60, this agile telehandler is designed for maneuverability in tight spots while maintaining robust lifting capabilities. It’s a favorite among operators for its versatility and ease of use.

Continuing down the lineup, we have the 536-70. This model takes the capabilities of its predecessors and adds even more power and efficiency, making it a top choice for demanding tasks on the construction site. Then there’s the 536-70LP, a low profile version of the 536-70, perfect for applications with height restrictions without sacrificing performance. Shifting gears, let’s look at the 541-70, a telehandler built for heavy-duty lifting with precision and stability, ideal for those big projects that demand nothing but the best. Lastly, we have the 550-80 and 560-80, both offering unparalleled reach and lifting capacities, making them indispensable on any job site where performance is paramount. So, gear up and get your hands on this comprehensive JCB Service Manual to unlock the full potential of these incredible machines!

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