Service manual JCB 6TFT, 6TST

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JCB 6TFT Tandem Drum Roller:
The JCB 6TFT is a reliable workhorse in the world of compaction machinery. With an approximate operating weight of 6 tons, it strikes a balance between power and maneuverability. Its tandem drum design, featuring two smooth steel drums, ensures uniform compaction across the width of the roller, leaving behind a smooth, stable surface. This makes it ideal for a range of compaction tasks, from soil and gravel to asphalt.

What sets the 6TFT apart is its compact design, making it highly effective in confined spaces and on smaller construction sites. Operators will appreciate the comfortable platform and intuitive controls, which reduce fatigue during long work hours. Safety features are paramount, ensuring the protection of both the operator and those working in the vicinity. Maintenance is made easy with convenient access to service points, minimizing downtime and ensuring peak performance.

JCB 6TST Tandem Drum Roller:
The JCB 6TST builds upon the foundation of the 6TFT with the possibility of enhanced performance and versatility. While sharing many features with the 6TFT, it offers flexibility in compaction settings and configurations. This adaptability allows it to cater to a broader spectrum of compaction tasks, providing a solution for various project requirements.

Both models come equipped with dual smooth drums, which are highly effective for achieving uniform compaction. The smooth steel drums provide a polished finish, which is crucial in projects where the quality of the compacted surface matters. Whether it’s road construction, building foundations, or landscaping, these tandem drum rollers are designed to excel.

Applications and Benefits:
Tandem drum rollers like the JCB 6TFT and 6TST are indispensable in construction and infrastructure projects. They ensure that the ground is compacted to the required density, providing a solid base for roads, buildings, and other structures. Their high compaction performance, combined with a smooth surface finish, makes them suitable for projects where aesthetics and functionality are equally important.

Transporting these rollers to and from job sites is straightforward due to their compact design and features like foldable roll bars. Operators have the advantage of user-friendly controls, allowing them to fine-tune compaction settings for different materials and conditions. Visibility from the operator cabin is excellent, ensuring safe and precise operation.

In conclusion, the JCB 6TFT and 6TST tandem drum rollers are robust, versatile, and reliable machines that play a vital role in construction and compaction projects. Their ability to deliver uniform compaction across various materials, combined with operator comfort and safety features, makes them valuable assets on job sites of all sizes. These rollers are a testament to JCB’s commitment to quality and durability in construction equipment.

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