Service manual JW Medical Incubator CHS-I1000

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The CHS-I1000 incubator is a laboratory instrument used for maintaining a stable temperature and environment for the growth of cells or microorganisms. It is often used in microbiology, molecular biology, and biotechnology applications.

Some of the key features of the CHS-I1000 incubator include:

Temperature control: The incubator is capable of maintaining a temperature range of 5°C above ambient to 60°C, with an accuracy of ±0.1°C.

Digital display: The temperature and other settings are displayed digitally on an easy-to-read screen.

Interior lighting: The incubator has built-in lighting to make it easy to observe the contents without disturbing the environment.

Timer function: The incubator can be set to operate for a specified period of time, with an automatic shut-off when the time is up.

Adjustable shelves: The interior of the incubator includes adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes and types of containers.

Safety features: The incubator includes over-temperature protection and an independent alarm to alert users in case of any temperature deviations.

The CHS-I1000 incubator is designed for versatility and reliability in laboratory settings, making it a valuable tool for researchers and scientists in a variety of fields.

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