Service manual Kobelco CK1200, CKE1100 Crawler Crane

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The Kobelco CK1200 and CKE1100 are models of crawler cranes manufactured by Kobelco Construction Machinery. Both cranes are designed for heavy lifting and are commonly used in construction, infrastructure, and industrial projects. Here’s some information about each crane:

Kobelco CK1200:
Maximum lifting capacity: 120 metric tons (132 US tons)
Boom length: 61 meters (200 feet)
Jib length: 18 meters (59 feet)
Main boom configuration: The CK1200 features a 5-section boom made of high-tensile steel. The boom sections can be telescoped and extended to reach the desired height.
Transportability: The CK1200 can be transported in a dismantled state to the project site and then assembled for operation.

Kobelco CKE1100:
Maximum lifting capacity: 110 metric tons (121 US tons)
Boom length: 60.7 meters (199 feet)
Jib length: 18 meters (59 feet)
Main boom configuration: The CKE1100 also has a 5-section boom with telescoping capabilities. The boom sections are designed to provide stability and lifting performance.
Transportability: Similar to the CK1200, the CKE1100 can be transported to the job site in sections and then assembled.
Both the CK1200 and CKE1100 crawler cranes offer advanced features such as computer-controlled operations, ergonomic operator cabins, and various safety systems. These cranes are designed to handle a wide range of lifting tasks, including the installation of large structures, heavy equipment, and materials at construction sites.

It’s important to note that specifications and features can vary based on the specific model and configuration of the crane, as manufacturers often offer different options and customization choices to suit customer requirements.

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