Service manual Komatsu BR380JG-1E0

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The Komatsu BR380JG-1E0 is a mobile crusher designed and manufactured by Komatsu, a leading Japanese construction and mining equipment manufacturer. This particular model is a mobile jaw crusher, which is used in various industries for crushing large rocks and construction debris into smaller, more manageable pieces. Here are some key specifications and features of the Komatsu BR380JG-1E0:


Engine: The BR380JG-1E0 is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine, which is a Tier 3-compliant diesel engine. The engine is designed for reliability and fuel efficiency.

Crusher Opening Size: The crusher has a jaw opening size of approximately 1,065 mm x 550 mm (42 inches x 22 inches), allowing it to handle a variety of materials.

Crushing Capacity: The machine is capable of processing up to 50 to 240 metric tons per hour, depending on the type of material being crushed and the settings.

Transport Dimensions: The transport dimensions of the machine can vary, but it is designed for ease of transportation and mobility on construction sites.

The Komatsu BR380JG-1E0 mobile jaw crusher is a versatile machine used in various applications where on-site crushing and recycling of materials is required.

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