Service manual Midmark M9, M9D, M11, M11D

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Format: PDF
Part No. 004-0372-00 Rev. F (1/01/08)
Type: Service manual
Pages: 134
Size: 4,7 Mb

The Midmark M9, M9D, M11, and M11D are all autoclaves or sterilizers used in medical and dental settings to sterilize instruments and equipment.

The M9 and M9D are tabletop autoclaves designed for small to medium-sized practices. The M9D includes a manual door, while the M9 has an automatic door. They both have a 9-inch chamber diameter and can sterilize instruments in as little as 12 minutes.

The M11 and M11D are larger autoclaves with an 11-inch chamber diameter, suitable for larger practices. The M11D includes a manual door, while the M11 has an automatic door. These models offer several cycle options and sterilization times, ranging from 23 minutes to 55 minutes.

All of these autoclaves feature automatic shut-off and drying cycles, as well as safety features such as a safety release valve and over-temperature protection. They also have built-in printers for cycle documentation.

Overall, the Midmark M9, M9D, M11, and M11D are all reliable and efficient autoclaves that meet industry standards for sterilization in medical and dental practices.

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