Service manual New Holland E385 Crawler Excavator

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The E385 crawler excavator is designed to provide efficient and reliable performance in various digging, trenching, and excavation tasks. It features a powerful engine, robust undercarriage, and a range of attachments to handle different job requirements. Here are some specifications and features that were associated with the New Holland E385 excavator:

Engine: The E385 was equipped with a diesel engine with a large displacement, designed to deliver high power output and torque for demanding applications.

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the E385 excavator could vary based on the configuration, attachments, and optional equipment. The weight of the base machine typically fell within the range of larger crawler excavators, which is around 35 to 40 metric tons.

Bucket Capacity: The bucket capacity refers to the volume of material the excavator’s bucket can hold. The exact capacity can differ based on the type of bucket used and any customizations. Different bucket options may be available to suit various applications, such as general digging, trenching, or specialized tasks.

Reach and Digging Depth: The E385 would have specific measurements for reach and digging depth, which determine the machine’s ability to extend and reach areas for excavation. The reach typically refers to the horizontal distance the excavator’s arm can reach, while the digging depth is the maximum depth at which it can dig.

Hydraulics: Crawler excavators like the E385 rely on hydraulic systems to control the movement of the machine, including the bucket, arm, and boom. The excavator’s hydraulics provide the necessary power for efficient digging, lifting, and maneuvering.

Operator Comfort and Safety: Modern excavators focus on providing a comfortable and safe working environment for operators. The E385 would likely offer features such as a spacious cab with ergonomic controls, air conditioning, adjustable seating, and good visibility. Safety features may include reinforced structures, rollover protection, and integrated systems for monitoring machine parameters.

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