Service manual New Holland FX58, FX48, FX45, FX38, FX28, FX25

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The models you mentioned, such as the New Holland FX58, FX48, FX45, FX38, FX28, and FX25, are part of the New Holland FX Series self-propelled forage harvesters. These machines are designed for efficiently harvesting crops and producing silage.

Each model in the FX Series offers different specifications and capabilities. Here’s a brief overview of the models you mentioned:

New Holland FX58: The FX58 is a high-capacity forage harvester that is capable of handling large volumes of crops. It features a powerful engine, advanced chopping and crop flow systems, and spacious cab for the operator.

New Holland FX48: The FX48 is a slightly smaller version of the FX58, offering similar features but with slightly reduced capacity. It is designed for mid-range harvesting needs and provides reliable performance.

New Holland FX45: The FX45 is another model in the FX Series and is designed for efficient forage harvesting. It offers a good balance of capacity and maneuverability, making it suitable for a range of applications.

New Holland FX38: The FX38 is a versatile forage harvester that combines power with efficiency. It is designed to handle various crops and offers reliable performance for medium-sized operations.

New Holland FX28: The FX28 is a compact forage harvester that is suitable for smaller farms or specialized applications. It offers a balance of size and power and can effectively harvest different crops.

New Holland FX25: The FX25 is the smallest model in the FX Series. It is designed for small-scale or specialized operations, offering ease of use and maneuverability while maintaining good harvesting capabilities.

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