Service manual New Holland Kobelco E485 Crawler Excavator

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Here are some common features you might expect to find in a crawler excavator like the New Holland Kobelco E485:

Engine: The E485 is likely to be powered by a diesel engine that provides the necessary power for excavation operations.

Operating Weight: Crawler excavators can have a significant operating weight, typically ranging from several tons to over 100 tons, depending on the size and capacity of the machine.

Bucket Capacity: The bucket capacity determines the amount of material the excavator can move in one scoop. Larger buckets are capable of moving more material but may sacrifice precision in certain applications.

Reach and Digging Depth: The reach refers to the horizontal distance from the center of the machine to the tip of the bucket when fully extended, while the digging depth represents the maximum depth the excavator can reach below ground level.

Boom and Arm Configuration: Excavators often have different boom and arm configurations, such as monoboom or articulated boom options, which provide flexibility for various applications.

Hydraulic System: Crawler excavators use hydraulic systems to control the movement of the boom, arm, and bucket. These systems enable precise and efficient operation.

Operator Cabin: The operator cabin is designed to provide comfort and safety to the operator during long work hours. It typically features ergonomic controls, adjustable seats, climate control, and excellent visibility.

Attachments: Excavators can be equipped with various attachments to expand their functionality. Some common attachments include hydraulic breakers, grapples, augers, and demolition tools.

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