Service manual New Holland Kobelco E70SR

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The New Holland Kobelco E70SR is a compact excavator that belongs to the E series of excavators manufactured by New Holland Kobelco, a joint venture between New Holland Construction and Kobelco Construction Machinery.

Here are some key features and specifications of the New Holland Kobelco E70SR:

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the E70SR typically ranges from around 7,000 kg to 7,400 kg (15,400 lbs to 16,300 lbs), depending on the configuration and additional attachments.

Engine: It is powered by a diesel engine, which provides the necessary power for excavating and other operations. The specific engine model and horsepower may vary depending on the region and the year of manufacture.

Bucket Capacity: The bucket capacity is an important specification for an excavator, indicating the amount of material it can move in one scoop. The E70SR typically has a bucket capacity ranging from approximately 0.2 cubic meters (7 cubic feet) to 0.3 cubic meters (10.5 cubic feet).

Digging Depth: The digging depth of the E70SR typically ranges from around 4.17 meters (13.7 feet) to 4.43 meters (14.5 feet). This measurement indicates how deep the excavator can dig into the ground.

Reach: The reach of the E70SR typically varies between 6.69 meters (22 feet) and 6.98 meters (22.9 feet). This specification indicates the maximum horizontal distance the excavator’s arm can extend.

Cab Comfort: The E70SR features an enclosed cab designed to provide comfort and ergonomic functionality for the operator. The cab often includes amenities such as air conditioning, adjustable seating, and intuitive controls for improved operator experience.

Additional Features: The E70SR may come equipped with additional features such as auxiliary hydraulic lines for attaching various hydraulic-powered tools, a dozer blade for leveling the ground, and rubber or steel tracks for enhanced traction on different terrains.

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