Service manual New Holland L175, C175 Compact Track Loader

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The New Holland L175 and C175 Compact Track Loaders are heavy-duty construction machines designed to excel in a variety of tasks. With their compact design and tracks, they offer exceptional maneuverability and stability on challenging terrains. These track loaders are equipped with powerful engines that provide ample torque and lifting capacity, making them ideal for handling heavy loads.

The operator’s comfort is a priority in the L175 and C175 models, featuring an ergonomic cab design that offers excellent visibility, adjustable controls, and a suspension seat to reduce fatigue during long work hours. The air-conditioned cab provides a comfortable working environment in various weather conditions.

The hydraulic system in these track loaders ensures smooth and precise operation of the wide range of available attachments, enhancing their versatility. From buckets for material handling to forks for lifting pallets, the L175 and C175 can handle diverse tasks with ease.

Safety features are also integrated into these machines to protect the operator and prevent accidents. The ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) provide essential safety measures on the job site.

Moreover, these compact track loaders are designed with easy access to maintenance points, simplifying routine upkeep and reducing downtime.

Overall, the New Holland L175 and C175 Compact Track Loaders are powerful, reliable, and adaptable machines that can tackle various construction and landscaping projects while prioritizing operator comfort and safety.

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