Service manual New Holland MH4.6, MHPlusC Excavators

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Format: PDF
Type: Workshop Manual
Pages: 1067
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The New Holland MH4.6 and MHPlusC are excavator models manufactured by New Holland Construction, a company specializing in the production of heavy machinery and equipment for construction and agricultural applications.

The MH4.6 is a compact excavator designed for efficient operation in tight spaces. It features a compact size and a reduced tail swing, allowing it to maneuver easily in confined areas. The MH4.6 is equipped with a powerful engine and a hydraulic system that provides strong digging forces and smooth operation. It has a range of attachments available, such as buckets and breakers, to suit different excavation needs.

The MHPlusC is a larger excavator model designed for heavy-duty applications. It offers increased digging depth and reach compared to the MH4.6, making it suitable for larger-scale excavation projects. The MHPlusC features a spacious and comfortable cab with excellent visibility, providing operators with a productive and comfortable working environment. It also incorporates advanced hydraulic systems and controls for precise operation and maximum efficiency.

Both the MH4.6 and MHPlusC excavators are built with durability and reliability in mind, and they are designed to withstand the demands of heavy construction work. They are equipped with features such as reinforced structures, high-quality components, and advanced technology to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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