Service manual New Holland SB36, SB56, SB58, SB60, SB62, SB64

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The New Holland SB Series refers to a range of small square balers used in agriculture for baling hay, straw, and other crop residues into compact, manageable bales. Each model in the SB Series may have different specifications and features, so I’ll provide a brief overview of each model you mentioned:

New Holland SB36: The SB36 is a small square baler designed for farmers and agricultural professionals who need to produce small, square bales. It likely has a bale chamber size and other specifications specific to its model year.

New Holland SB56: The SB56 is another model in the New Holland SB Series. Like the SB36, it is designed for small square bale production. It may offer different features and capabilities compared to the SB36.

New Holland SB58: The SB58 is part of the same series and is also a small square baler. It might have variations in terms of bale size, weight, and other specifications compared to the SB36 and SB56.

New Holland SB60: The SB60 is likely another model in the New Holland SB Series. It should have its own set of features and specifications, which may differ from the previous models.

New Holland SB62: Similar to the others, the SB62 is a model in the SB Series and designed for producing small square bales. The specific features and capabilities would depend on its model year and design.

New Holland SB64: Lastly, the SB64 is also a member of the SB Series and is used for small square bale production. It may have unique characteristics compared to the other models.

The choice between these models would depend on the needs and preferences of the farmer or operator, including the required bale size, production capacity, and any specific features or options that may be available for each model.

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