Service manual SAA6D107E-1-A Komatsu ENGINE, FD100-8, FD115-8, FD135-8, FD150E-8, FD160E-8

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The SAA6D107E-1-A engine is a model of engine manufactured by Komatsu. Here’s some information about the SAA6D107E-1-A Komatsu engine:

Engine Type and Configuration:
The SAA6D107E-1-A is a six-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine. It is part of Komatsu’s 107E series engines, which are commonly used in various construction and industrial applications.

Power and Performance:
The SAA6D107E-1-A engine is known for its power and performance. It is designed to deliver high torque output and reliable operation in demanding conditions. The specific power output and torque characteristics may vary depending on the application and configuration.

The displacement of the SAA6D107E-1-A engine is approximately 6.7 liters (or 409 cubic inches). Displacement refers to the total volume swept by all the pistons inside the cylinders during the engine’s operation.

Emissions Compliance:
The SAA6D107E-1-A engine is designed to meet stringent emissions regulations. It incorporates various technologies and systems to minimize emissions of pollutants and to comply with relevant emission standards, such as Tier 4 Final/Stage IV.

The SAA6D107E-1-A engine is commonly used in a range of Komatsu equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, and other construction and industrial machinery. It is designed to provide reliable power and performance in these applications.

It’s important to note that specific details about power output, torque, and other performance characteristics can vary depending on the specific application, tuning, and configuration of the SAA6D107E-1-A engine. For precise and up-to-date information about this engine, it is recommended to consult Komatsu’s official documentation or contact a local Komatsu dealer.

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