Service manual Samsung DW80F800US, DW80K7050, DW80K7050UG

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Samsung DW80F800US: This is a built-in dishwasher model from Samsung. It offers a capacity of 15 place settings, which means it can accommodate up to 15 sets of dishes at a time. It features a stainless steel tub, multiple wash cycles and options, adjustable racks, and a noise-reduction system. It also has a digital display and touch controls for easy operation.

Samsung DW80K7050: The DW80K7050 is another built-in dishwasher model from Samsung. It comes with a 15-place setting capacity and a stainless steel tub. This dishwasher offers various wash cycles and options to suit different cleaning needs. It has a flexible rack system that can be adjusted to accommodate larger dishes or utensils. The DW80K7050 also includes a digital display and touch controls.

Samsung DW80K7050UG: The DW80K7050UG is a specific variant of the DW80K7050 model, with “UG” standing for “black stainless steel” finish. This dishwasher offers the same features and specifications as the DW80K7050 but with a black stainless steel exterior, which provides a sleek and modern look to complement your kitchen decor.

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