Service manual Solar S180W-V Doosan Daewoo

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This hydraulic excavator is equipped with a water-air heat exchanger engine. This engine has the largest power output in its class and excellent fuel efficiency. It provides exceptional utilization and efficiency through the e-EPOS system, which is a new and improved version of the EPOS system. This provides increased performance capabilities and reduced fuel consumption. Engine with water-air intermediate heat exchanger.

The largest power output in its class and the highest efficiency in its class.

This machine has an engine that meets the U.S. EPA Tier-II Regulations and the European Stage-II Regulations requiring NOx, PM, HC and CO emissions reductions. Complies with the new European requirements for noise reduction.

Improved maneuverability and handling

New technologically advanced control valve and joystick valves have been installed for quick, smooth and responsive control.

Joystick handle with 2 switches

Backup switches are installed on both joystick handles to control additional attachments.


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