Service manual Terex 820, 860/880 SX & ELITE 970/980 ELITE TX760B TX860B TX970B TX980B

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Explore the Versatile Terex Backhoe Loader Series – Your All-in-One Solution for Construction and More

1. Terex 820 – Compact and Powerful:
The Terex 820 backhoe loader is your go-to machine for maneuverability and productivity in tight spaces. Its compact design allows it to navigate confined areas with ease, making it perfect for urban construction projects and utility work. With its front loader for material handling tasks and a reliable backhoe for digging and trenching, the Terex 820 gets the job done efficiently and effortlessly.

2. Terex 860/880 SX & ELITE – Mid-Sized Excellence:
Take your productivity to the next level with the Terex 860 and 880 backhoe loaders. These mid-sized machines offer enhanced performance and capabilities to tackle a wide range of tasks on the construction site. Choose between the SX and ELITE configurations, with the ELITE models providing additional features for improved efficiency and operator comfort. Experience the versatility and reliability that Terex backhoe loaders are known for.

3. Terex 970/980 ELITE – Heavy-Duty Performance:
For heavy-duty tasks that demand power and precision, the Terex 970 and 980 ELITE backhoe loaders rise to the challenge. These robust machines boast increased digging depth, lifting capacity, and productivity, making them ideal for large-scale construction and demanding excavation projects. The ELITE designation brings even more advanced features, providing you with the ultimate performance and operator experience.

4. Terex TX760B, TX860B, TX970B, TX980B – Rugged and Reliable:
The Terex TX series backhoe loaders are a reliable addition to any fleet. With the TX760B, TX860B, TX970B, and TX980B models, you get the perfect balance of power and durability. These machines are built to withstand tough conditions and deliver consistent performance day after day. Whether you’re digging trenches, loading materials, or working in agriculture, the Terex TX series is up to the task.

Key Features and Benefits:

Four-Wheel Drive: Experience exceptional traction and stability in challenging terrains, ensuring you can work efficiently in any environment.
Versatility: Switch between loader and backhoe functions effortlessly, taking on a wide range of tasks with ease.
Operator Comfort: Enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic cabin design with excellent visibility and intuitive controls for reduced operator fatigue during long working hours.
Attachments: Enhance the versatility of your backhoe loader with various attachments such as buckets, pallet forks, augers, and hydraulic hammers.
Discover the Terex backhoe loader series and unlock the full potential of your construction projects and more. These machines are built to deliver the performance you need, no matter the size or complexity of the job. Trust in Terex – your all-in-one solution for construction excellence.

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