Service manual Yanmar 3TNM74F, 3TNV74F, 3TNV80F Engines

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Yanmar is a well-known manufacturer of diesel engines used in various applications, including industrial equipment, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, generators, and more. The engine model designations you provided, 3TNM74F, 3TNV74F, and 3TNV80F, represent specific models from Yanmar’s TNM and TNV series of engines. These engines are often used in compact tractors, mini excavators, generators, and other small machinery. Here’s a brief overview of each model:

1. Yanmar 3TNM74F:

This engine is part of Yanmar’s TNM series.
It is a three-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine.
Engine displacement, power output, and other specifications may vary depending on specific configurations and applications.
Yanmar’s engines are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and durability, making them popular choices for various equipment.

2. Yanmar 3TNV74F:

Like the 3TNM74F, the 3TNV74F is a three-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine.
It may offer different power ratings, torque levels, and emission compliance options to meet various requirements.
Yanmar’s TNV series engines often incorporate advanced technologies for improved performance and reduced emissions.

3. Yanmar 3TNV80F:

The 3TNV80F is another engine from Yanmar’s TNV series.
It is also a three-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine but may have a higher displacement and power output compared to the previous models.
Yanmar engines are designed to be compact and lightweight while delivering robust performance.
Key Features and Applications:

These engines are commonly used in compact construction equipment, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators, and other small machinery.
They are designed for efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance.
Yanmar engines often meet stringent emissions standards, making them suitable for use in regions with strict environmental regulations.

Specific specifications for these engines, including power output, torque, and dimensions, can vary depending on the exact model and configuration.
It’s important to note that Yanmar may offer different versions of these engines with variations in power, emissions control technology, and other features to meet different market and application requirements.

Service manual Yanmar 3TNM74F, 3TNV74F, 3TNV80F Engines (Preview)

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