Technical Manual Fresenius 4008E, 4008B, 4008H, 4008S Hemodialysis system

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The codes you provided (4008 E, 4008 B, 4008 H, 4008 S) are associated with the Fresenius Medical Care 4008 series of hemodialysis systems. These systems are used for performing hemodialysis, a medical procedure that filters waste products and excess fluids from the blood when the kidneys are not functioning properly.

The 4008 series hemodialysis systems are designed and manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care, a leading company in the field of renal care and dialysis equipment. Each variant within the 4008 series has specific features and capabilities:

4008 E: The 4008 E is an entry-level hemodialysis system, primarily used for standard hemodialysis treatments. It provides essential functions required for safe and efficient hemodialysis, such as blood pressure monitoring, ultrafiltration control, and dialysis fluid preparation.

4008 B: The 4008 B is an advanced hemodialysis system that offers additional features compared to the 4008 E. It includes integrated bicarbonate and/or acetate-based dialysis fluid preparation, providing flexibility in dialysis treatment options. It also has enhanced safety features and advanced therapeutic functions for individualized patient treatment.

4008 H: The 4008 H is a high-performance hemodialysis system designed for demanding clinical environments. It incorporates advanced technologies for precise ultrafiltration control, volumetric blood flow measurement, and real-time monitoring of key treatment parameters. The 4008 H offers a range of treatment modalities and is suitable for complex patient profiles.

4008 S: The 4008 S is a hemodialysis system specifically designed for space-constrained settings. It is a compact and portable system that maintains the core functionalities of the 4008 series while occupying less floor space. The 4008 S is suitable for clinics with limited physical space or for mobile dialysis units.

It’s worth noting that specific features and capabilities may vary depending on the model and configuration of the system. These hemodialysis systems are typically used in medical facilities and are operated by healthcare professionals to provide life-sustaining treatment for patients with end-stage renal disease or acute kidney injury.

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