Service manual 2002 Harley-Davidson VRSCA Models + Electrical Diagnostics

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In 2002, Harley-Davidson introduced the VRSCA V-Rod model as part of their lineup. The VRSCA was a significant departure from the traditional Harley-Davidson design, featuring a more modern and aggressive aesthetic. Here are some key details about the 2002 Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod:

Engine: The VRSCA was powered by a liquid-cooled, 1,130cc Revolution V-Twin engine. It was the first Harley-Davidson production motorcycle to utilize liquid cooling.

Performance: The V-Rod’s engine produced around 115 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful motorcycles in Harley-Davidson’s lineup at the time. It had a 5-speed transmission and offered strong acceleration and performance.

Styling: The VRSCA V-Rod had a sleek and muscular design, with a low-slung profile and distinctive features such as a large airbox cover, a drag-style handlebar, and a short front fender. It also featured a unique double-barrel exhaust system.

Frame and Suspension: The V-Rod utilized an aluminum frame, which contributed to its lighter weight and enhanced handling compared to traditional Harley-Davidson models. It had a telescopic front fork and a rear suspension with pre-load adjustment.

Brakes and Wheels: The VRSCA came equipped with dual front disc brakes and a single rear disc brake, providing strong stopping power. It rode on cast aluminum wheels, with a 19-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel.

Additional Features: The 2002 VRSCA V-Rod included features like a digital instrument cluster, a fuel gauge, and a security system as optional equipment. It also had a comfortable seating position with mid-mounted foot controls.

The VRSCA V-Rod was a significant milestone for Harley-Davidson, as it represented a departure from their traditional cruiser-style motorcycles. Its modern styling and powerful performance appealed to riders looking for a more contemporary and dynamic Harley-Davidson experience.

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