Service manual 2006 Bobcat T250 (523111001, 523011001) Compact Track Loader

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Format: PDF
Type: Service manual
Pages: 651
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S/N 523111001 & Above
S/N 523011001 & Above

The Bobcat T250 Compact Track Loader is a versatile construction machine designed for various applications. Here are some key features and specifications of the Bobcat T250:

Engine: The T250 is powered by a diesel engine, providing reliable performance and power for demanding tasks. The specific engine model and power output may vary depending on the machine’s production year and specifications.

Operating Capacity: The rated operating capacity (ROC) of the T250 is approximately 2,500 pounds (1,134 kilograms). It signifies the maximum weight the machine can lift and operate with safely.

Tipping Load: The tipping load of the T250 is around 7,250 pounds (3,289 kilograms). This measurement represents the maximum weight at which the machine maintains stability while lifting.

Tracks: The T250 utilizes rubber tracks, which offer superior traction and reduce ground disturbance. The track system enables the loader to maneuver on various terrains with minimal damage to the surface.

Lift Path: The T250 features a vertical lift path design, providing extended reach and increased lifting capabilities. This design makes it suitable for tasks such as loading, digging, and material handling.

Auxiliary Hydraulics: The T250 is equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic system, allowing for easy attachment of a wide range of implements and tools. This feature enhances the machine’s versatility and enables it to perform different tasks efficiently.

Operator Comfort: The T250 is designed with operator comfort in mind. It offers a spacious and ergonomic cabin with adjustable seating, easy-to-reach controls, and good visibility. The comfortable environment helps improve productivity during long work hours.

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