Service manual Bobcat T250 (531811001, 531911001) Compact Track Loader

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SN 531811001 & Above
SN 531911001 & Above

The Bobcat T250 is a compact track loader manufactured by Bobcat Company, a leading manufacturer of compact construction equipment. The T250 model is designed for heavy-duty construction and excavation work and is equipped with tracks instead of wheels for enhanced stability and maneuverability on rough terrain. Here are some general features and specifications commonly associated with the Bobcat T250:

Engine: The T250 is powered by a diesel engine that provides the necessary power and torque to operate the machine efficiently. The specific engine may vary depending on the model year and region.

Operating Capacity: The T250 typically has an operating capacity (rated operating capacity) of around 1134 kilograms (2500 pounds). This represents the maximum weight that the machine can safely lift and carry.

Lift Height: The machine offers a maximum lift height of approximately 3.96 meters (156 inches). This allows for efficient loading and unloading of materials and facilitates work in various construction and landscaping applications.

Track System: The T250 features a robust track system, which provides superior traction and flotation, allowing the machine to navigate challenging terrains with ease. The tracks distribute the machine’s weight more evenly, reducing ground pressure and minimizing surface damage.

Attachments: The T250 is compatible with a wide range of attachments that can be easily swapped to perform different tasks. Common attachments include buckets, forks, grapples, augers, and various other specialized tools.

Operator Comfort: The T250 is designed with operator comfort in mind. The machine typically features a spacious and ergonomic operator cab with adjustable seating, easy-to-reach controls, and excellent visibility for enhanced productivity and operator satisfaction.

Safety Features: Bobcat emphasizes safety in its equipment design. The T250 is likely equipped with safety features such as a rollover protective structure (ROPS), a falling object protective structure (FOPS), and seat belt restraints to protect the operator during operation.

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