Service manual Bobcat E17z Excavator (B4AW11001, B4PF11001, B4PT11001)

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S/N B4AW11001 & Above
S/N B4PF11001 & Above
S/N B4PT11001 & Above

The Bobcat E17z excavator is a compact and versatile machine designed for efficient digging and excavation tasks in tight spaces. Here’s a description of the Bobcat E17z excavator:

Compact Design: The E17z features a compact design that allows it to maneuver easily in confined areas. With its minimal tail swing, it can work in tight spaces without compromising stability.

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the E17z typically ranges from around 1.7 to 1.8 metric tons, making it lightweight and easy to transport. Its compact size and weight make it suitable for small-scale construction projects or jobs in urban areas.

Digging Performance: The excavator is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that enables efficient digging performance. It has a maximum digging depth of approximately 2.38 meters (7.8 feet) and a maximum reach at ground level of about 3.77 meters (12.4 feet).

Expandable Undercarriage: The E17z features an expandable undercarriage that can retract to a width of 98 centimeters (38.6 inches) for narrow access and then expand to 136 centimeters (53.5 inches) for enhanced stability during operation.

Versatile Attachments: The excavator is compatible with a range of attachments, allowing it to perform various tasks. Some common attachments include buckets for digging and trenching, hydraulic breakers for demolition work, and augers for drilling holes.

Operator Comfort: The E17z is designed with operator comfort in mind. It features a spacious and ergonomic cab with adjustable seating, easy-to-reach controls, and excellent visibility for enhanced safety and productivity.

Easy Maintenance: Bobcat excavators are known for their ease of maintenance, and the E17z is no exception. It has convenient access points for routine maintenance and service, which helps reduce downtime and optimize machine performance.

Fuel Efficiency: The E17z is designed to provide fuel efficiency without compromising power. It incorporates advanced engine technology to minimize fuel consumption, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Overall, the Bobcat E17z excavator offers excellent maneuverability, digging performance, and versatility in a compact package. It is a reliable choice for small-scale construction projects, landscaping, utility work, and other applications that require precise excavation in tight spaces.

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