Service manual Bobcat E32 Compact Excavator (A94H11001, AC2N11001)

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S/N A94H11001 & Above
A/N AC2N11001 & Above

The Bobcat E32 Compact Excavator is a versatile and powerful piece of construction equipment designed for efficient digging, lifting, and loading operations in tight spaces. It belongs to the compact excavator class, which means it is smaller in size compared to larger construction machinery, making it ideal for projects with limited access or confined work areas.

Here are some key features and specifications of the Bobcat E32 Compact Excavator:

Size and Weight: The E32 has a compact size with a minimal tail swing, allowing it to maneuver easily in narrow spaces. It typically weighs around 7,183 pounds (3,259 kg) without any attachments.

Digging Depth and Reach: The excavator offers a maximum digging depth of approximately 10 feet (3.1 meters) and a maximum reach at ground level of about 17.5 feet (5.3 meters). These dimensions enable it to handle various excavation tasks efficiently.

Engine and Power: The E32 is powered by a diesel engine with a horsepower rating typically around 24.8 hp (18.5 kW). The engine provides ample power to perform digging and lifting operations with ease.

Hydraulic System: The excavator utilizes a robust hydraulic system that ensures smooth and precise control of the boom, arm, and bucket movements. This system enables operators to perform tasks with accuracy and efficiency.

Operator Comfort and Safety: The E32 is designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. It features a spacious and ergonomic cab with excellent visibility, adjustable seating, and easy-to-use controls. The cab is also equipped with standard safety features like ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) to protect the operator in case of accidents.

Attachments and Versatility: The E32 can be equipped with a wide range of attachments to tackle various construction and landscaping tasks. Some common attachments include buckets of different sizes, hydraulic breakers, augers, and grapples. The quick-coupler system allows for rapid attachment changes, increasing the machine’s versatility.

Maneuverability and Transportability: The compact size and low tail swing design of the E32 enable it to operate effectively in tight spaces. Additionally, it is easily transportable from one job site to another on a trailer or truck, making it convenient for contractors working on multiple projects.

Overall, the Bobcat E32 Compact Excavator combines power, versatility, and maneuverability to tackle a wide range of construction and excavation tasks efficiently.

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