Parts Manual Caterpillar 349D L Excavator (JGB1-Up, KHS1-Up, MHX7634, TXF1-Up)

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The Caterpillar 349D L is a large excavator primarily designed for heavy-duty construction and earthmoving applications. Here are some key features that are commonly associated with this model:

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the Caterpillar 349D L varies depending on the configuration and optional attachments. Generally, it falls within the range of approximately 48 to 52 metric tons.

Engine Power: It is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that delivers high performance and efficiency. The specific power rating may vary, but it typically provides a significant amount of horsepower to handle demanding tasks.

Bucket Capacity: The excavator comes with a large bucket that has a high capacity to handle large volumes of material. The bucket size can vary based on the specific configuration and application requirements.

Reach and Digging Depth: The Caterpillar 349D L offers an impressive reach and digging depth, allowing it to efficiently excavate and load material. The reach can extend to several meters, while the digging depth can be substantial, making it suitable for deep excavations.

Hydraulic System: This excavator utilizes advanced hydraulic systems to control the boom, arm, and bucket movements with precision and power. The hydraulic system enables smooth and efficient operation, ensuring maximum productivity.

Operator Comfort and Safety: Caterpillar focuses on providing a comfortable and safe working environment for operators. The 349D L may include features such as a spacious and ergonomic cab, excellent visibility, climate control, and intuitive controls to enhance operator comfort and productivity. Safety features like rollover protection, reinforced structures, and advanced monitoring systems may also be available.

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