Service manual FUKUDA DENSHI Bettius UF-450AX

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Format: PDF
Type: Service Manual
Pages: 163
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FUKUDA DENSHI Bettius UF-450AX Service manual (Preview)

This service manual provides technical information on “UF-450AX”. It has been prepared for troubleshooting the equipment. The manual, which is intended for Fukuda Denshi service personnel and authorized engineers, includes repair and assembly procedures of UF-450AX components as well as information on parts list.
This service manual consists of seven chapters and appendix. The contents of each chapter are summarized as follows.

1. Tools – Describes the tools required for disassembly, assembly.
2. Names of Parts of Equipment – Describes the names of components.
3. Wire Harness – Indicates a list of wire harnesses and their layout diagram.
4. Disassembly and Assembly Procedure – Describes the procedure for removing each unit.
5. Internal Connection Diagram – The internal connection diagram and connector layout are shown.
6. Block Diagrams – Block diagrams of each unit and their explanations are shown.
7. Troubleshooting – Describes the measures to be taken on occurrence of troubles.
Appendix – Describes how to upgrade software, initial value of registered data, region configuration, cleaning and replacing the trackball, replacing the backup battery, composition, specifications, parts list, maintenance and inspections.

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