Service manual Hitachi EX550-5, EX600H-5, EX550LC-5, EX600LCH-5

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The models you mentioned, Hitachi EX550-5, EX600H-5, EX550LC-5, and EX600LCH-5, appear to be excavators manufactured by Hitachi Construction Machinery. Here’s some information about each of these models:

Hitachi EX550-5: The Hitachi EX550-5 is a hydraulic excavator with an operating weight of approximately 53,400 kg (117,739 lbs). It is equipped with a powerful engine and advanced hydraulic system, providing excellent digging and lifting capabilities. The EX550-5 is commonly used in heavy construction, mining, and quarrying applications.

Hitachi EX600H-5: The Hitachi EX600H-5 is a hybrid hydraulic excavator that combines a diesel engine with an electric motor. This hybrid technology allows for reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability. It has an operating weight of around 59,700 kg (131,739 lbs) and is suitable for various construction projects.

Hitachi EX550LC-5: The Hitachi EX550LC-5 is another variant of the EX550 series. It shares similar specifications with the EX550-5 in terms of operating weight and performance. The “LC” in its name typically indicates a long carriage, which offers additional stability and reach. The EX550LC-5 is suitable for tasks requiring extended reach and deep digging capabilities.

Hitachi EX600LCH-5: The Hitachi EX600LCH-5 is the long carriage version of the EX600H-5 hybrid excavator. It features the same hybrid technology as the EX600H-5, providing fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. With an operating weight of around 66,300 kg (146,389 lbs), it is designed for heavy-duty construction applications, such as large-scale earthmoving and infrastructure projects.

Please note that the specifications provided here are based on general information about these models and may vary depending on the specific configurations and optional features available.

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