Service manual Hyundai R60CR-9 Crawler Excavator

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The Hyundai R60CR-9 is a compact crawler excavator designed for versatile and efficient operation in various construction and excavation projects. Here’s a description of its key features and specifications:

Size and Weight:

Operating Weight: Approximately 6,000 kg (13,228 lbs)
Overall Length: 5,475 mm (215.9 inches)
Overall Height: 2,515 mm (99.0 inches)
Overall Width: 1,960 mm (77.2 inches)

The excavator is powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient Yanmar 4TNV98 engine.
Displacement: 3.319 liters
Maximum Power: 47.6 kW (64.8 hp) at 2,000 rpm

Maximum Digging Depth: 3,965 mm (156.1 inches)
Maximum Digging Reach: 6,320 mm (248.8 inches)
Maximum Digging Height: 6,620 mm (260.6 inches)
Bucket Digging Force: 42.7 kN (9,593 lbs)
Arm Digging Force: 26.7 kN (5,999 lbs)

The R60CR-9 features a hydraulic system that provides smooth and precise control for various operations.
Hydraulic Pump Flow: 2 x 73.5 L/min (2 x 19.4 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure: 280 bar (4,061 psi)
Operator Comfort and Safety:

The excavator is equipped with a spacious and ergonomic cabin designed to enhance operator comfort.
The cabin features adjustable seats, air conditioning, and excellent visibility.
Safety features include ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) certifications.
Additional Features:

Two-speed travel system for efficient movement on the job site.
Rubber tracks for improved traction and reduced ground damage.
Optional attachments include various bucket sizes, hydraulic breakers, and augers.
The Hyundai R60CR-9 crawler excavator is known for its compact size, maneuverability, and powerful performance, making it suitable for a wide range of construction and excavation applications, including landscaping, utility work, trenching, and more.

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