Service manual Hyundai ROBEX 210LC-7H Excavator

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The Hyundai ROBEX 210LC-7H is an excavator model manufactured by Hyundai Construction Equipment. Here are some details about the Hyundai ROBEX 210LC-7H excavator:

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the Hyundai ROBEX 210LC-7H excavator is approximately 21,500 kg (47,400 lbs).

Engine: It is powered by a Hyundai Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine. The engine has a displacement of 6.7 liters and complies with the relevant emission standards.

Horsepower: The engine of the ROBEX 210LC-7H generates around 145 horsepower (108 kW).

Bucket Capacity: The standard bucket capacity of the ROBEX 210LC-7H excavator is typically in the range of 0.92 to 1.03 cubic meters (1.2 to 1.35 cubic yards), depending on the specifications and configuration.

Digging Depth: The maximum digging depth of the excavator is approximately 6,900 mm (22.6 ft), allowing it to reach deep into the ground for various excavation tasks.

Reach: The maximum reach at ground level is approximately 9,980 mm (32.7 ft). This measurement represents the horizontal distance the excavator arm can extend from the machine’s center to perform tasks.

Hydraulic System: The ROBEX 210LC-7H features an advanced hydraulic system that provides smooth and efficient operation. It offers multiple hydraulic functions, including arm, boom, and bucket movements, as well as auxiliary hydraulic connections for attachments.

Cab and Operator Comfort: The excavator comes equipped with a spacious and ergonomic operator cab, designed to provide comfort and convenience during long working hours. It offers excellent visibility, air conditioning, adjustable seating, and intuitive controls.

Technology and Safety Features: The Hyundai ROBEX 210LC-7H may include advanced technology and safety features, such as a color LCD monitor for machine diagnostics and performance monitoring, rearview cameras, automatic engine shutdown, and various safety systems to protect the operator and the machine.

It’s worth noting that specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific configuration, optional attachments, and regional variations.

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