Service manual New Holland E115SR, E135SR Excavators

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New Holland E115SR Excavator:

Operating Weight: Approximately 11 to 12 metric tons (depending on configuration and attachments).
Engine: Powered by a diesel engine, likely compliant with the latest emission standards to minimize environmental impact.
Horsepower: Typically equipped with a robust engine to deliver ample power for various digging and lifting tasks.
Cab: Designed with operator comfort in mind, featuring a spacious and ergonomic cabin with easy-to-use controls.
Hydraulics: Equipped with advanced hydraulic systems, allowing for smooth and precise operation of attachments.
Attachments: Compatible with a range of attachments, such as buckets, breakers, thumbs, and more, to adapt to different job requirements.
Technology: May include modern technology options for enhanced efficiency, telematics, and diagnostics.

New Holland E135SR Excavator:

Operating Weight: Approximately 13 to 14 metric tons (depending on configuration and attachments).
Engine: Similar to the E115SR, it should be equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engine.
Horsepower: Expected to offer higher horsepower compared to the E115SR, providing increased performance.
Cab: Like the E115SR, the E135SR likely comes with a comfortable and well-appointed operator’s cab.
Hydraulics: Advanced hydraulic systems for improved precision and productivity.
Attachments: Compatible with a wide range of attachments, making it a versatile machine on the job site.
Technology: As technology advances, the E135SR might incorporate even more sophisticated features for optimal performance and connectivity.
Both models are expected to have features commonly found in modern excavators, such as excellent visibility, easy maintenance access, robust construction for durability, and safety systems to protect the operator and others on the site. However, specific features and specifications can change over time as manufacturers update their products, so it’s always best to check with New Holland or a dealer for the most accurate and current information.

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