Service manual New Holland Workmaster 33, 37 Tractor (Tier 4B)

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The New Holland Workmaster 33 and Workmaster 37 are compact utility tractors produced by New Holland Agriculture, a well-known agricultural machinery manufacturer. These tractors are designed for a variety of agricultural tasks and are typically used by farmers, landscapers, and other professionals in the agricultural industry. Here’s an overview of these two models:

New Holland Workmaster 33:

Engine: The Workmaster 33 is equipped with a diesel engine that produces around 33 horsepower (HP).
Transmission: It features a synchronized shuttle transmission, which provides ease of use and efficiency.
Hydraulics: The tractor is equipped with a hydraulic system to operate various implements and attachments.
PTO (Power Take-Off): The Workmaster 33 is likely to have a rear PTO and possibly a mid-PTO as well, which allows it to power various implements like mowers, tillers, and more.
3-Point Hitch: These tractors usually come with a 3-point hitch for attaching and using implements that require three-point connections.
Comfort and Ergonomics: New Holland typically pays attention to operator comfort and ergonomic design in their tractors, which can include features like a comfortable seat and well-arranged controls.
Utility: The Workmaster 33 is suitable for a range of tasks, including mowing, tilling, loader work, and more on small to medium-sized properties.

New Holland Workmaster 37:

Engine: The Workmaster 37 is slightly more powerful than the Workmaster 33, with a diesel engine producing approximately 37 horsepower (HP).
Transmission: Similar to the Workmaster 33, it is likely to have a synchronized shuttle transmission.
Hydraulics: It also features a hydraulic system for operating attachments.
PTO: The Workmaster 37 comes with rear and possibly mid-PTO options.
3-Point Hitch: Like the Workmaster 33, it should have a 3-point hitch for attaching implements.
Comfort and Ergonomics: New Holland generally emphasizes operator comfort and ergonomic design in their tractors.
Versatility: The Workmaster 37 offers more power, making it suitable for a wider range of tasks, including loader work, tilling, mowing, and more.
Both of these tractors are considered compact and are well-suited for small to medium-sized farms and landscaping operations. The choice between the Workmaster 33 and 37 would depend on the specific needs and requirements of the operator, with the Workmaster 37 offering slightly more power and versatility.

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